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Edition # 8 Volume # 1


Tracy Irwin

Mortgage Loan Minute

... 60 seconds to informed home ownership

Curren interest rates:

Prime Rate ...................  6.25
3 year fixed ..................  5.90 
5 year fixed ..................  5.89
7 year fixed ..................  6.00
10 year fixed ................. 6.05
Variable rate .................  5.75

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Welcome to the Mortgage Minute!  Your guide to informed home ownership.

Tracy's trivia
» Life lessons from golf by Scott Sindelar, Ph.D., BCFE

» Principle # 7 - In golf we sometimes lose our ball in the rough.  In life, we sometimes lose our way in the rough times.  

There are times when we have to start over with a new ball.  Yet, we do not have to go back to the beginning.  We may lose a few points, but we can keep going, perhaps a little wiser for the experience.  Sometimes we find hidden strengths, or hidden opportunities in the rough. 

Mortgage Minute
How to make your mortgage tax deductible ... there's no catch!

You can increase your net worth and earn tax refunds annually by making your mortgage tax deductible!

The debt of the wealthy generates deductible interest to reduce their tax, which increases their cash flow. They get richer!  Your debt, your mortgage, is paid for with your after-tax dollars, and generates no deductible interest.

How can you enjoy the same benefits as the wealthy and our American friends and convert the mortgage loan from bad debt to good debt?  How can you earn tax refunds year after year without increasing your debt?

Read more on How to Make your Mortgage Tax Deductible.

For more information contact Tracy Irwin at tracy@tracyirwinmortgages.com

Article by Mark Grohmann, Grohmann Electric
TIPS for Electrical Savings and Safety

Now that fall is well under way here are a few things you can do to get ready for the holiday season and the winter ahead.

Check your outside lighting

Now is the time to change any burnt out lamps with compact florescent lamps. You will get better lighting and will save on energy costs. Clean the glass on your fixtures and you will be surprised at the difference it makes. With the shorter days you’ll be glad you did!

Read more TIPS for Electrical Savings and Safety


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