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New Mortgage Rules - What Does it Mean to You?
What Can I do with my Junk?
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  Current interest rates: 

  Prime Rate ...................  2.25
  3 year fixed ..................  3.25
  5 year fixed ..................  3.69
  7 year fixed ..................  4.45
  10 year fixed .................  5.20
  Variable rate .................  1.75
                           (prime - .50%)
Tracy Irwin, AMP
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New Mortgage Rules - What does it mean to you?

On April 19, our government will introduce new rule changes to (in their opinion) prevent a housing-price bubble and keep homeowners from getting overextended.

5-Year Fixed Qualification Rates

For loans with a fixed term of less than 5 years and for all variable rate mortgages, regardless of the term, the qualifying interest rate will be the greater of the bank posted rate or the contract interest rate.

e.g. a 5 year variable rate mortgage at 1.85% (prime - .40%) will have to qualify using a posted rate of 5.39% (posted rate according to CIBC website)

rulesIf you are applying for a 5 year fixed rate term, then the contract rate will be used to qualify.

e.g. a typical 5 year fixed rate is currently 3.79% and you will be able to qualify using 3.79% instead of the posted rate of 5.39%

90% Maximum Refinancing

No longer will you be able to refinance your home to 95% of its value. The maximum loan to value will now be 90%. "This measure will ensure home ownership is an effective way to save." (government quote)

e.g. If the value of your property is $300,000, the maximum loan amount will be $270,000 plus high ratio insurance premiums

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MS Walk 2010
For the past 10 years, I have considered it my privilege to walk with a friend who lives with the daily challenges of MS. 
This year, I decided that I needed to be more vocal and share my experience with you and ask for your support to make a donation and sponsor me for this walk.
I hope that we will continue to walk for many more years.
Thanks for your consideration and support!
What Can I do with my Junk?

Pamela Culp-Blanchard, Be Clutter Free

Over the years people tend to accumulate a lot more stuff than they need or want and in extreme cases the stuff begins to take over their lives. 

It literally takes on a life of its own, filling spaces, nooks and crannies in your home until it spills over into your garage and the next thing you know, you are parking in the driveway.  stuff

Reality TV shows such as Clean Sweep, previously hosted by author Peter Walsh, and the new extreme show, Hoarders are very popular as we can all relate to accumulating way too much stuff!

But, what do you do with all the junk and how can you get rid of it? Click Be Clutter Free to read more

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Never had an ace?  Today may be your day.  According to the comprehensive database www.HoleInOne.com, July 19th is the day when most aces are recorded.  In fact, if you really want to increase your chances, you'll be a 44 year old, 13 handicapper, using a 7 iron on a 150 yard, California course and hole # 8.
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