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Debunking the "Doom and Gloom" headlines
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  Current interest rates:

  Prime Rate ................... 4.75
  3 year fixed ..................  4.89 
  5 year fixed ..................  5.09
  7 year fixed ..................  5.70
  10 year fixed ................. 5.80
  Variable rate ................. 4.00
Tracy Irwin, AMP
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Debunking the "Doom and Gloom" headlines

The daily headlines scream, "Sub-prime debacle" ... "Credit crisis storm" ...  "Housing Market Slump" ... "Consumer Confidence lowest since 2001".  No kidding, with the impending doom news reporting, it feels as though we are in a recession simply as a self fulfilling prophecy... and I'm fed up!TSX

Here's the scoop .... yes, our Canadian new housing stats are down, we are predicting growth of 1.8% in 2008 and the Bank of Canada has been reducing our prime interest rate to combat inflation.
The U.S. sub-prime fiasco (emphasis on U.S.) has had an impact on our Canadian market.  We wrote about the perils of sub-pime lending last March and thankfully we are nearing the end of this cycle.  As a North American mortgage industry, we are seeing much stricter underwriting guidelines and a reduction in the availability of lenders for the sub-prime market. 
What does this mean to you?  It is more important now than ever to protect and preserve your credit rating.  It is the single most important factor in determining how much money you can borrow, at what rate and which products are available. 
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Matt Czernikiewicz - Moving Consultant
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It's that time of year again. Most families that plan to move do so during June, July and August. And so, the work begins. You start preparing your home to sell, start lookingTaylor logo for a home to buy and have probably noticed an increase in the number of moving flyers in your mailbox. That's right, you also have to find a mover. But with all those choices, who do you choose?
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Annika Sorenstam and Tiger Woods have more in common than golf excellence.  The two friends are highly competitive.  Sorentstam once razzed Woods about his inability to do more pull-ups than she could.  "I think it took about two weeks for him to pass me.  After that, it was no more fun.  He's very competitive."
Tracy Irwin
The Mortgage Centre
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