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Financing Your Spring Renovations
On-Time and On-Budget Renovations
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Tracy Irwin, AMP
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Dear Tracy,

"An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't."
-- Anatole France.
What I know for sure is that after three years of intensive study and a hair-raising commute to Toronto twice a week, I have successfully received my Financial Services Underwriting Diploma and proudly announce my new designation of Mortgage Broker.  What I don't know is what I'm going to do with all my newly acquired spare time!
Stay tuned for news of a celebration cocktail party in the coming months!
Financing Your Spring Renovations

Spring has finally sprung and with the change in seasons, our thoughts turn to home improvements and working on the "honey-do" list.

Using some of the equity you have gained in your home can be an excellent source of financing.  Two popular choices are utilizing a secured line of credit or refinancing your mortgage.
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On-Time and On-Budget Renovations

Yvonne Williams, Total Confidence Renovations
You have finally decided to take the first step towards your home renovation project.  You have watched HGTV religiously and maybe witnessed your neighbour's questionable workmanship, but you are certain you can do it!  Imagine yourself being on-time and on-budget with your renovations ... how is that possible?  The best way to stay on-time and on-budget while doing a renovation is simply to do-it-yourself or "DIY".  Renovation projects are much easier than most people think - it's all in the planning and preparation.  You can access the many do-it-yourself courses offered through your local hardware stores, books, online resources and now there are companies that offer onsite renovation training.
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Show some class on the course or face the consequences.  Obscure rule 33-7 allows for the disqualification of any golfer found in violation of etiquette standards.  This includes intentionally offending or distracting another player with things like nonstop talking or repeatedly swearing.
Tracy Irwin
The Mortgage Centre
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